Lily Ho clarifies where "secret" photos of her and 76-year-old tycoon were taken at

11 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

TVB actress, 25-year-old Lily Ho, is rumored to be dating Hong Kong businessman, 76-year-old Lam Kin Ming.

The pair have been rumored to be an item since as early as 2009, when Lily and Lam Kin Ming were seen dancing together at a charity ball.

Last month, Lily and Lam Kin Ming were seen attending Priscilla Chan’s Hong Kong Coliseum concert, where they were photographed sitting in the front row together.

They originally kept distance from each other, but once the lights dimmed, Lily and Lam Kin Ming moved closer and whispered to each other. Lily also pulled out her phone and shared some of her photos and messages with Lam Kin Ming.

However, according to a report in Popular Asians, Lily has denied the rumours and said she felt uncomfortable about them.

She clarified that all the "secret" photos of herself and Lam Kin Ming, which were published in a tabloid report, were actually taken at public events.

She said: "Celebrity guests usually sit in the front, which is why only the two of us were photographed. My father and his friends sat in the back. Reporters also photographed them. I don’t know why they didn’t publish those photos.”

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