Life of a Japanese man -- who makes $200,000 a night just talking to girls

11 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

This Japanese man makes more than what most people make in probably five years -- in just one night.

A report by Vocative goes into the life of Hikaru Aizawa, who is supposedly the best male host in all of Japan.

He claims to make up to $200,000 USD a night from his clients.

According to AsianTown, women basically pay to hang out with Aizawa, including going out for dinners, drinking at the car, and other activities.

Sex is not guaranteed, and it’s said that women mainly use these services to fill emotional voids.

Aizawa, whom is a former salesman, said his biggest lesson was that “people don’t buy your product because they’re good, they buy it because they can trust you.”

He applied his sales skills when selling himself to women. Whenever he and a client goes to a sushi bar, they order Omakase, meaning “Chef’s Choice” and it usually includes the best and most expensive catches of the day.

Everything he has in his house are gifts from clients including… luxury jewelry, limited edition branded shoes, watches that cost up to $50,000 USD, and a $7,000 bottle of Japanese Soju.

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