Leslie Cheung fans throng hotel on 11th anniversary of his death

2 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing passed away 11 years ago and yesterday (Apr 2) was the anniversary of his death.

Leslie fans from around the world paid their respect in different locations; over 200 fans around 6:43PM lit candles for a tearful moment of silence regardless of the weather at where he passed away.

Former manager Chan Suk Fun revealed intentions of extending Leslie's glory years with a musical on his 60th birthday (2016). She felt that his fans would decide if this concept would be put in practice.

If it had over 1 million "likes" from his fans on facebook she would consider it. On April 1 every years, Leslie fans from the Mainland, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia would gather in Hong Kong to attend related memorial events.

They missed him no less over 11 years. Japanese fans folded 921 origami cranes that were sent to Po Fook Hill and handed them to Leslie's manager Chan Suk Fun as offering; then they presented flowers on the Avenue of Stars and outside the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, outside Jardin House where Leslie fell to his death for a moment of silence.

Over 200 fans had a candlelight vigil with songs at 6pm outside the Jardin House. Many fans were in tears by then.

At around 6.43pm as drizzle fell, the moment of silence took place to eulogize this idol of a generation as fans sobbed.

After the ceremony ended, rain began to pour. Yesterday on the Avenue of Stars, fans presented flowers to the star of Cheung Kwok Wing and placed 's film stills and cards. 

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