Leon Lai no longer friends with ex-wife Gaile Lok

6 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Leon Lai and Gaile Lok have been divorced for nearly a year now.

TVB News World reports that after going their separate ways, the two have been busy with their own lives.

Leon has been busy shooting new film Legend of Lady Yang.

Last month Gaile celebrated her 33rd birthday and continued her enjoying a life of leisure.

Recently she enjoyed the beaches and sunshine in Mexico and challenged herself on a surfboard.

It was said Leon mentioned in an interview that Gaile is no longer a friend nor is she an enemy.

Leon also expressed he won't consider remarrying because everything is based on fate.

The only difference is he has more personal space at home to put his belongings.

Gaile could not respond to Leon's comments because she's still in Mexico, but on Instagram, she disclosed she'll be flying to an Asian city for work after her vacation.

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