The lavish lifestyle Chrissie Chau earned will make you envious

23 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Chrissie Chau’s (周秀娜) efforts in the entertainment industry in the last several years have finally paid off.

In the past three years, Chrissie busied herself with nearly twenty films, three television dramas, and accepted many lucrative endorsement offers. She also established her own lingerie line, La Mui, in 2012, and plans to start her own perfume line.

According to a report on Jayne Stars, there are also plans for Chrissie to start a new business with English footballer, Rio Ferdinand.

Although business is going very well for Chrissie, the 28-year-old has no plans to slow down her exposure in the film industry.

After establishing her own production studio last year, she signed with Stephen Shiu Jr’s (蕭定一) agency, China 3D Digital Entertainment, and pocketed $20 million HKD for 12 films. She aims to film more television dramas, and aims to be the industry’s “triple threat”.

With a lucrative income from her films and lingerie label, which has distribution in Mainland China, Chrissie is looking to splurge on a luxury home.

Earlier this week, Chrissie was seen looking at a 1,000 square feet flat in The Altitude, a luxurious residential building in Happy Valley. It is reported that the flat is at a market price of at least $40 million HKD.

After surfing through the premises, Chrissie checked out Winfield Building, another luxurious residential unit in Happy Valley, and seemed particularly interested in a flat that faced the view of the Happy Valley Racecourse.

It is reported that the flat also cost up to $40 million HKD. Chrissie also explored nearby shopping malls for some new furniture, where each piece would cost up to $10,000 HKD.

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