Kristal Tin slammed for criticising TV station during awards show

6 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Last year at the TVB Anniversary Awards 2013, 'Double' TV Queen Kristal Tin (Ah Tin) sobbed on stage expressing:

"I started off from a TV station nobody watched until now with so many people watching. I finally gained recognition from the audience."

Her comment was directed at ATV, reports Oriental Daily.

ATV executive Yip Ka Bo criticized Ah Tin at an ATV New Year's event.

When asked what ATV has in the works for the coming year? Mr. Yip expressed ATV will invite past winners of singing contests, such as Future Idol Contest back for a Spring Festival show.

He also criticized: "ATV will be holding its fourth Spring Festival show, we will be inviting Andrew Cheung to perform, but unfortunately we can no longer invite Kristal Tin back.

"Actually she debuted from ATV, one must count their blessings." Clearly, Mr. Yip was referring to Ah Tin's debut after winning the 1993 ATV Future Idol Contest.

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