Korean viewers shocked by comedian's amazing weight loss transformation

1 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Korean comedian Lee Hee Kyung underwent a remarkable change in appearance after losing 32kg over a twenty-week span.Viewers of a program aired on the 28th of June were shocked to see her slim figure, reports Soompi.

Lee Hee Kyung said that although she successfully lost weight for the “Health Girl‘ segment of KBS‘˜s Gag Concert, she was afraid of becoming a yo-yo dieter and immediately regaining the weight she had painstakingly lost.

So she intentionally keeps swimsuit pictures of herself on display on her mantle to look at them and remember her goals, she explained.

As she presented the picture Lee Hee Kyung admitted that “that was the first time I had ever worn a swim suit.‘

 Viewers saw Lee Hee Kyung take a sexy, confident pose in her revealing swim suit.

She admitted that “it would have been difficult to show myself like this in Korea, so I took the chance when we left for another country.‘

Images 1 to 7 show how Lee Hee Kyung lost 32kg, while the rest of the pictures show other celebs who have underwent amazing weight loss transformations.

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