Korean star Clara's lawsuit gets even messier

13 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

Polaris Entertainment stepped up recently to express their intentions to file a countersuit against Clara, causing the actress to likewise speak up in response, denying that she was "hiding out in China" to avoid investigations.

allkpop reports that on February 11, the agency revealed that they were preparing a civil case against Clara. A rep stated:
"We are planning a countersuit to the lawsuit to confirm the nonexistent efficacy of her exclusive contract brought up by Clara.  We plan to submit a reply to the legal court regarding the chief within the end of February at the latest [and after the Lunar New Year].
"We haven't yet sent in a reply to the civil case suit that Clara's side submitted on December 23, 2014, but this does not mean we won't take action.  The blackmailing charge that Polaris had submitted has not completed its investigation by the police first, so our preparations have been delayed.  
"Clara is, as usual, taking on her schedule without regard for Polaris.  When Clara returns to Korea, the suit will gradually progress."
A rep told 'The Fact,' "The suit ultimately can continue only when Clara returns to the country, but Clara is residing in Hong Kong, and it's hard to put her on a wanted list."
In response to this last statement, Clara's side released a statement on February 11:
"According to the statement released by Polaris's side today, 'Clara is avoiding a police investigation while hiding out in Hong Kong, and it is hard to put a famous person on a wanted list'; this is a very malicious lie.  

"We had submitted her Hong Kong schedule with the dates to the investigator in charge at the regional investigation unit of the Jungnang Police Station when she left for Hong Kong and even text messaged him in Hong Kong, as expected, to tell him that whenever the investigator in charge needs her, she will return to Korea immediately for investigation.

"On top of that, last week, we notified through our attorney that she could undergo investigation whenever, and there was no response in relation to any special schedule for investigation.

" The reporters even heard Polaris's stance and confirmed the truth with the police once, so we believe similar reports will no longer come out.

"Just like the other multiple examples in the past, Polaris is doing media play first this time, as well.  We are trying to take minimal action and refrain from unnecessary verbal battles."
Currently, Clara is filming for her movie in China, which is scheduled to wrap up on February 19.
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