Korean sales clerk needs plastic surgery after brutal attack by customer

12 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

On February 11, news outlet Insight held an interview with an Incheon clothing store sales clerk 'K' who was brutally attacked by a customer.

She revealed that the customer scratched up her face to the point that she will now need cosmetic surgery to get rid of the scars, reports allkpop.

Insight also provided pictures of 'K's scars which will be shown below. Please note that these images may be considered graphic.

The incident occurred on February 3 around 5 PM KST. 'K' was explaining a product to a customer in her mid-to-late 20s when her thumb accidentally hit the customer in the jaw.

'K' immediately apologized and the customer merely told her, "Be careful." The customer then purchased a skirt and left the store. The customer returned to the store five minutes later and told 'K' that 'K' had left a scar on her jaw.

'K' checked the customer's jaw and said she didn't see anything at which the customer retorted, "Hey, do you not see this? There's a scar right here. Are you saying that I'm just putting on a show?"

She then demanded that her medical bill for the scar be compensated.

At some point the customer became aggressive and physically attacked 'K,' saying, "You are speaking rudely to a customer. Let's see you get scratched."

She proceeded to claw at 'K's face severely, leading 'K' to curse at her. The customer then struck 'K' in the shoulder and the two engaged in a fist fight. Although the police put an end to their fight, 'K's face was greatly injured in the end.

She told Insight, "[The doctor told me that] my face was scratched up severely to the point that I will need cosmetic surgery. He said that if I get surgery, there will be less scars, but they won't completely disappear. Currently I can't even go to the clothing store and I just go to the hospital to receive treatment.

"I know I definitely was wrong for not being patient, but I can't accept the fact that the customer received an apology, purchased something, and had her medical bill compensated."

Photos 1 to 5 show K, while the rest show individuals who have gone under the knife.

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