Korean rookie actress stuns with daring dress -- thanks to her mum's idea

10 October 2014 / 2 years 1 week ago

Rookie actress Seo Riseul participated “Busan International Film Festival” with a rather shocking dress.

On the October 8th episode of “Night Entertainment,” the too-sexy looking dress of Seo Riseul was aired, reports Koreaboo.

On the red carpet, Seo Riseul wore a dress with her side completely uncovered, shocking the audience.

Seo Riseul also stated herself as “rookie actress Seo Riseul,” and revealed that she was invited by the Korean Actors committee to participate in the festival.

She also stated that “her mother reformed her dress when she spoke of going to Busan International Film Festival.”

Her mother worried that mundane and normal dresses may not make her outstanding in the festival.

Seo Riseul performed in various shows starting from 2000, and has since acted in various melodramas and love romances.

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