Korean defence ministry looking to scrap celeb soldier programme

27 June 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

It seems Korea's defence ministry has had enough of rule-breaking celebrity soldiers, following the most recent scandal involving Se7an and Sangchu.On June 26, YTN reported, "The Ministry of Defense started an investigation right away after the report surfaced that some of the celebrity recruits went to visit a massage parlor after their performance. According to a report on Soompi.com, the investigation will check if the celebrity recruits left their dorms without permission, and if they performed acts that harmed the image of soldiers at adult entertainment establishments and other places."They added, "The Defense Media Agency, who is under the Ministry of Defense and manages the celebrity recruits, will also be held responsible. They are also currently considering getting rid of celebrity recruits completely, who seem to keep having problems."The Minster of Defense himself ordered the investigation, and this time, the minister's office themselves will be conducting the investigation rather than the military police. If any kind of laws are found to be broken, they will be faced with strict disciplinary punishment.

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