Korean celeb wonders why people are obsessed with showing off pics of their food

16 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Lexy hasn't used her Twitter since March, but she must have been really curious to come back to it!She asked, "I'm really curious... about something... Why... do you upload photos of food onto Kakao Story, Facebook, and Twitter ~~???? Ke. Is it like you're showing off 'I ate this today~'? If it's not... Then why does everyone post pictures of their food right before they eat it??? I'm really curious...ã… ã… ã…  Hehehe", reported allkpop.Fans replied, "So I can look at it when I'm hungry," "Because the food looks better than my face," and "I think it's to brag! 'I'm eating this delicious food.' I don't do it though because it's a bother! I'm watching you on 'Show Me the Money 2'."Does anyone have a good answer for Lexy?

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