Korean actress Lee Yeon Hee stuns audiences -- even without make-up

28 January 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

MBC’s “Miss Korea” recently released photos of Lee Yeon Hee practicing choreography. In the photos she shines, completely bare-faced, her hair carelessly thrown back into a ponytail, and wearing sweats.

In “Miss Korea,” Lee Yeon Hee plays Oh Ji Young, who is doing her absolute best to become Miss Korea. In the series, Oh Ji Young qualifies for the Miss Korea pageant, having gotten third place in the regional Miss Seoul pageant.

In order to shoot the scene that is the eve of Miss Korea, Lee Yeon Hee has been giving her all in the studio every day, whenever she gets the time between her packed schedules, reports Soompi.

A drama official commented, “Even on set, you can see Lee Yeon Hee practicing her choreography. Seeing her always doing her best, working on the script or practicing the choreography, people don’t hold back their praise for her.”

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