Koo Ji Sung: It's good luck to see a ghost during filming

17 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Is it Halloween yet? Actress Koo Ji Sung sent shivers down her fans' spines when she revealed that she had a supernatural experience on the set of her latest movie, 'The Puppet'.The encounter happened at dawn, she recalled. After days of filming, she claims she saw a young girl pass right by her dressing room mirror. Although she initially thought it was an actress playing a ghost, other cast members told her that the actress in question had never even appeared on set that day, reports All Kpop. "I was very surprised at the time, but now I'm fine," she said. "People say that it's good luck to see a ghost during filming, so hopefully the film does well because of her presence."'The Puppet' will hit theaters on June 20th. Hold on, there's a knock at the door...we'll be right back.Relates stories:Keira Knightley tells "male" ghost to get out of her hotel room Carrie Ng once saw a female ghost dressed in red on set Local actress claims she got 'possessed' while on set Vivian Hsu's 'ghostly' encounter while filming at cemetery

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