Koni Lui says she was in labour for 25 hours before her son was born

11 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

On Mid-Autumn Festival, TVB actress Koni Lui distributed photos of her newborn son, Anton.

Due to Anton’s immense size of 4kg, Koni had a very difficult delivery on August 14.

Feeling exhausted afterward, Koni took ample time to recover during her postpartum period, report Popular Asians and Oriental Daily.

Koni suffered from the pains of labor for 25 hours. Husband, Dickson Wong, missed the opportunity to cut their son’s umbilical cord since he was extremely worried about Koni’s state after giving birth.

“I felt half of my life was left after giving birth. I lost a lot of blood and had to rest for some time before feeling like myself again. I was busy taking care of the baby after, so didn’t have a chance to announce the birth.

"Since it is Mid-Autumn Festival, I wanted the baby to say hello to everyone. Our family of three will be celebrating the holiday together.”

Koni revealed, “Anton’s head is very big. His face looks like dad, while his confused expressions resemble me. His arms and legs are very long.”

Traditional Chinese postpartum confinement is known for its restrictions for mothers. Koni has been resting in bed for the last three weeks and did not step outside.

She has a family member and maid to help her with taking care of the baby. Dickson has also taken time off from work to spend more time with Koni and Anton.

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