Kim Tae Woo's daughter weighs 13kg... and she's not even 1 yet

21 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Singer Kim Tae Woo shared the joys and pains of being a new father, having a second baby on the way, reports All K-Pop.Kim Tae Woo appeared on March 19th’s airing of ‘˜Incarnation‘˜, where he said, “Right now, my daughter weighs 12-13kg (26.5~28.7 lbs) even though she’s only 11 months old. It’s because she’s very tall.‘ This drew surprised remarks from the hosts and the other guests as her height and weight were almost that of a child around 4-5 years old. The hosts remarked that the daughter seems to be taking after Kim Tae Woo, who is around 6’3‘, and titled her a “super baby‘.He shared that although he is very in love with his daughter, being a father is no easy work for both him and his wife. He commented, “Our second child was conceived so quickly after the birth of our first child, so my wife was feeling stressed and overwhelmed. I told her once to go out, meet some friends, and have some time for herself. She left at 11AM and came back at 7PM, so I watched the baby for eight hours.‘However, those hours didn’t go by fast as his daughter wouldn’t keep still, and in the end, he told a white lie to have his wife come back home earlier. “I told her to go enjoy herself, but around 5PM I texted her, ‘˜where are you?’ and told her the baby keeps crying when the baby actually wasn’t.‘

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