Kevin Jonas: Danielle and I prove young marriage works

10 October 2012 / 4 years 2 weeks ago

Source: Bang Showbiz NewsKevin Jonas thinks he and his wife have proven people wrong who claimed they got married too young.The Jonas Brothers singer and his wife Danielle - who married in December 2009 - are due to appear on E!'s newest reality show 'Married to Jonas' and says there is no acting in their new gig.He told website "Danielle and I are out here in New Jersey, trying to be domestic. You'll get to know her big, Italian family and who the characters are. And you'll get a look into the lives of my family.""We're having fun and times are changing. We heard so much negativity when we first got married about how young we are. But it really didn't matter. We're happy. We knew that this was what we wanted and we pretty much have proven all those other people wrong."Kevin continued: "We were very honest. This is our life here in New Jersey. What you're seeing is what you get. We're not putting anything on for cameras or anything like that.You have to be open and free. [Camera crews] were just a part of our life and what was going on here."The couple also admitted that the show has helped them tackle their personal problems.Danielle admitted: "I think doing a reality show has made us talk even more about things that maybe we would not have talked about or just left on the backburner. I just feel like this made us communicate more, and I think that's important in our relationship and keeps it strong."

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