Kevin Cheng's epic reply when asked if he's dating Grace Chan

3 June 2015 / 1 year 12 months ago

Source: Asian Pop News

Two nights ago, the cast of Blue Veins gathered for a banquet which marked the end of the filming.

Rumoured couple, Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan also attended the dinner, and was probed on the progress of their relationship.

After shaving his moustache, Kevin has regained his youthful look. “I started growing my moustache last December. After growing for 2 weeks, we commenced the filming the drama.”

“I was very exhausted filming the drama. The duration of the filming is the longest for me in TVB.”

When asked if he would miss working with Grace, Kevin smiled and said, “We have only finished the filming, but we are still friends. My contract with TVB has not ended. There are still chances to work together.

When being grilled if he had dated Grace out, Kevin said, “I am not anxious, so why are you guys even more anxious? Thanks for your concern, but please give us some space. Do not be shocked if you see us having dinner together, as this is a normal activity.”

See more images if Grace Chan and Kevin Cheng in the gallery below. 

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