Kenneth Ma is scared to ask for kissing scenes with Charmaine Sheh

2 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

He has requested for kissing scenes with his co-stars in the past, but do not count on Kenneth Ma sharing an on-screen smooch with Charmaine Sheh, his co-star in an upcoming TVB mini movie, reported Oriental Daily.

In response to reporters asking him if he will ask for kissing scenes this time around, Ma said: "I don't dare to, this time the level is different!"

However, he is relishing the chance to collaborate with Sheh, after coming into the production as a reported replacement for Raymond Lam.

Meanwhile, Ma was also labelled a fillial son in the eyes of the media after he revealed that prior to his appearance at a New Year's Eve countdown event in Hong Kong, he already had dinner with his family to celebrate the new year.

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