Kenneth Ma: I'm not dating Natalie Tong, Rebecca Zhu or Eliza Sam

29 April 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Kenneth Ma has come out to dispel rumours of love blossoming between himself and three of his co-stars -- Natalie Tong, Rebecca Zhu or Eliza Sam.He was quoted as saying in an ihktv report: "I can't stand it! I'm most afraid of angering other people's fans!"Kenneth went on to distant himself from a possible relationship with the three with various reasons and explanations.Natalie, he says, is a "good girl" who he has known for many years but he "will not enter a love triangle" and disrupt the romance she has with Amigo Chui.On Eliza, he added: "Princess Heung Heung is very cute but I don't know her very well. We don’t have much to talk about. We don’t really stay in touch, as I don’t even have her cell phone number. I feel bad for dragging her into this."As for Rebecca Zhu, Kenneth asked audiences to spare her from such criticism. "She’s a good girl, a very hard-working newcomer. She will have to go through the phase of being a newcomer. There’s no need for people to criticize her Cantonese and be so harsh on a newcomer! But we don’t have much contact, and haven’t seen each other since the last public event.‘When asked about what kind of girl he will go for, Kenneth said: "You choose others, others choose you. All the girls within the industry are beautiful, and of course, beautiful girls have boyfriends. I won’t consider them if they already have a boyfriend. There’s no point in getting involved in a complicated three-way relationship. I never like to compete with others."Kenneth further revealed that girls outside the industry show no interest in him, so it depends on fate when it comes to love. One time, his mother tried to introduce him to a girl, but as soon as the girl heard who he is, she said, “Kenneth Ma? He has a different girlfriend in every drama. He will have lots of temptation. No way!‘As long as he has money to earn, Kenneth does not mind the tabloids’ rumors. “I know if there are no rumors, there won’t be a talking point. But I must be rumored with someone who is single, or else it will look bad! The physiognomist told me that instead of gaining pursuers, I will be involved in gossip this year!‘ Kenneth decided that his plan will be to talk less and work more.

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