Kenneth Ma got tickled by 'massage auntie' in hotel room

21 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Kenneth Ma revealed that he was tickled by a 'massage auntie' inside his hotel room when he was filming in China recently.Mingpaor reported that Ma spoke at a press event that serves as a 'blessing ceremony' for a new TVB drama series, Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon, when he recounted after being teased by journalists: "Earlier when I was filming in Mainland, there were cards with pictures of sexy girls in bikinis printed on them placed on my hotel room door."It said they provide 'special services'. I didn't dare to try because I was afraid it was some undercover thing, so I didn't make the phone call."However, he had an 'auntie' come over to give him a massage instead, and he laughed non-stop throughout the session after the masseuse touched his 'ticklish areas'.Ma and his co-stars, Selena Li, Lin Xiawei, Power Chan, Pierre Ngo and Raymond Cho, will head to China for outdoor filming later this year.

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