Kenneth Ma bemoans lack of time to 'make more money in China'

6 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Kenneth Ma, Lin Xia Wei, Selena Li, and Ngo Ka Nin were in TVB City doing a recording for the programme 《千奇百趣玩 FREE D》, hosted by Sammy Leung and Kitty Yuen on Wednesday night (Jun 05).On the show, Keneth was asked about whether he will be offered an opportunity to film in a China production, seeing how other of his colleagues have been "going up north to make money", reported TVB News World.Kenneth said then that he did not knowing and that he must wait for TVB to make the arrangements.He did bemoan the lack of free time in his schedule, which would probably explain why he has not had the time to go up north to make money.Because of scheduling problems within the past two or three years, he's had to turn down six to seven series from China.When asked whether it hurts to make lesser money than he knows he can, he unexpectedly said: "You cannot say it like that. If it's (money) meant to be yours, it will be yours."One may also encounter good roles in Hong Kong. When one's position is higher, there is naturally more money to be earned."Like Wayne Lai, who has also not returned [to China] to film a series, his income is already enough with just accepting advertisements!"

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