Kenji Wu and Laurinda Ho spotted at same hotel

24 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Although the pair has emphasised that they are only friends, Laurinda reportedly visited Kenji when he was filming a movie at Hong Kong Disneyland. Besides visiting Kenji with snacks, Laurinda also waited for him to wrap up filming and dined with him.In the evening, Laurinda and a group of friends appeared at the same hotel which Kenji was staying at. Her friends left at 11 pm without her, and even at 2 am, Laurinda was not seen leaving the hotel, reports Apple Daily. Kenji stressed that they were only friends. “She is really very nice to send the Bo Lo buns all the way here. Only good friends will do this.‘When asked if Laurinda had stayed the same hotel as him, Kenji did not reply directly and said, “It is only for work. Thank you.‘His manager responded, “Kenji and Laurinda did not stay in the same hotel. They are only friends. Kenji only went over and said hello to Laurinda during the dinner.‘

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