Kathy Chow hiding from landlord after burning down his house?

2 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Last week, a mainland Chinese tabloid received an angry complaint from Mr. Liu, who introduced himself as the current landlord of Kathy Chow (周海媚) while she was filming in China.

Mr. Liu claimed Kathy’s careless use of electrical devices had earlier caused a fire that partially burned down his house. Furthermore, she still owes him half a year’s worth of rent, reports Jayne Stars.

According to Mr. Liu, Kathy was careless while using electricity in the house last September. As a result, she started a serious fire that burned down the kitchen and garden.

But after the incident, Kathy reportedly did not pay a compensation fee and instead hid from her landlord. Seeing that she refused to deal with the issue, Mr. Liu decided to bring this to the media’s attention.

“I called her, and she told me she has found a lawyer to handle everything. However, her irresponsible lawyer only claimed they are taking legal proceedings. I haven’t heard about a solution as of today,” Mr. Liu said angrily

He also added that Kathy has not paid her monthly rent of 26,000 RMB since January, which now totals over 100,000 RMB. Yet, she reportedly never returned the house keys.

To prove his previous statements true, Mr. Liu even provided the press with photos of the burnt house. In the photos, it can be seen that the walls were completely damaged, burnt water pipes poked out from the ceilings, and the kitchen was difficult to recognize.

Manager Defends Kathy Against Landlord’s Complaints

When asked to comment, Kathy’s manager admitted Kathy is indeed renting Mr. Liu’s house. However, the manager denied Kathy is evading the situation and explained they have spoken to Mr. Liu after the fire. Kathy is now waiting for police investigation reports and has hired a lawyer to follow the matters.

Kathy’s manager believes Mr. Liu’s complaints are very unfair and expressed, “Kathy even took the initiative to renovate the house, but a meeting with the landlord was not possible after several attempts. That’s why all she can do right now is wait for the [police] reports and then take appropriate action.”

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