Kate Tsui kisses Taiwan hottie two days after meeting him

5 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Earlier, Kate Tsui was shooting for TVB mini movie A Time For Love in Malaysia with two Taiwanese actors, Chris Wang and James Wen.

The schedule was tight, so Kate and the crew only had five days to complete one hour of screen time. It had only been two days since Kate met Chris, and they already had to do a kiss scene.

Kate was extremely worried: "We had a kiss scene on the second day. I feared we would look awkward and unnatural, but Chris is a great guy. He chatted with me to help me quickly get into character. Also it was a simple kiss, everything went smoothly."

According to Tvbnewsworld, Kate's other co-star James Wen was all praises for Kate. He said  they had more scenes together, and thus quickly became good friends.

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