Karena Ng trod through mud and garbage to escape paparazzi on Valentine's Day

19 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago
In an earlier radio station interview, Raymond Lam had stated that he hopes to date like a normal man.
He wishes to publicly hold hands with his girlfriend in the streets and head out to movies together.

However, is this not possible after all?

Apple Daily via ihktv.com reported that on Valentine’s Day, Raymond and Karena Ng had a 4-hour romantic dinner date in Causeway Bay.

In hopes of avoiding the press, the couple had to leave the restaurant building separately.

In fact, Karena did not even mind treading through a muddy back alley full of garbage.

At 12:20AM, Karena was initially spotted leaving the building with her manager, Carmen.

As soon as they noticed reporters lurking around outside, the two quickly hurried back up into the restaurant.

Ten minutes later, Raymond and his friends were seen leaving the building via the front entrance.

Wearing a dress shirt and a pair of black-rimmed glasses, Raymond made sure he dressed decently for the romantic evening.

When reporters questioned him about his dinner and earlier “honeymoon‘ in Tokyo, Raymond did not respond.

He only smiled and said, “Happy Valentine’s Day!‘ before heading into a taxi which waited outside for three hours.

Karena was spotted leaving the restaurant for a second time ten minutes after Raymond had left.

To avoid the press, she left the building via a back door, which led into an odorous back alley.

Karena huddled herself tight while she avoided mud puddles in her high heels.

Despite the poor environment, she was joyfully smiling the entire way.

Asked if she was happy, Karena dodged the question by thanking the reporters for their concern.

Yesterday, a sparkling diamond ring was evident on Karena’s ring finger when she attended a function for the brand, “b+ab‘.

Was it a Valentine’s Day gift from Raymond? “I did not receive any gifts.‘ Karena said.

“I didn’t buy any either.'

Raymond firmly believes that there are no age limits to love, but what does Karena think of their relationship? She expressed, “We did not start dating all of a sudden.

We’ve already known each other for a long time.

Actually, everyone who knows him well knows that he has a childish personality.

We communicate well, because we have many similar interests and topics to chat about.

‘Regarding how Raymond had openly admitted their relationship, Karena said, “I really didn’t know he would publicly make the announcement.

I was also a bit surprised, but of course I’m happy about it.

He is a responsible man, and he really knows how to take care of those around him.‘

Karena further admitted that he and Raymond wishes to keep their relationship low-profile.

Many fans of Raymond made disapproving remarks about their relationship on Weibo.

“I’m taking things easily. Everything will be disliked and liked by people.

I will focus on my own career.‘ Karena said.
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