Kandy Wong dumps BF who allegedly used her to make himself famous

11 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Sugar Club's "Tong Mui" Kandy Wong was known as a goddess due to her cute looks.She spent two years pursuing the handsome Dominic Ho, who is over a foot taller than her and she was successful.To maintain her "goddess" signature, Kandy initially refused to admit to the relationship, until a year ago when media outlets spotted her boyfriend at her house late at night. Since then, their relationship has been official. However, not all is a bed of roses. Dominc has been rumored to be with several girls including Dada and Jeana since his debut, reports an article in Asian Fanatics.At the HK Book Fair, Dominic released a photo book where he appeared feminine and revealed his buttock.It was understood many of Kandy's good friends said Dominic is going to damage Kandy's healthy image.Also, the two have a huge gap in their incomes. Kandy earns 6 figures in a month from shooting series, travel shows and commercials.On the contrary, Dominic is just a minor actor in films and does not earn as much as his girlfriend.Yesterday, a relative disclosed that couple had ended their two-year relationship a few months ago due to all the pressure.After the relationship surfaced, Kandy is willing to mention her boyfriend at public events, but frequently tries to avoid it and only gives one word, answers.On the contrary, Dominic, who is not as popular as his girlfriend, always mentions Kandy's name in interviews and events to increase his exposure.He even took advantage of her at the Book Fair, titling his photo book Kandy Krush.Yesterday, Kandy accepted an interview and expressed that it has been a long time since she has last seen him: "Yes, we broke up because of the time issue. I've been really busy lately and basically have no time."

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