Kahi wows TV viewers by showing off her rock-solid abs

18 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Kahi gave us a better look at her abs in a still cut for her upcoming appearance as special host of 'SNL Korea'!

In the still cut, Kahi checks herself out in the mirror to make sure her abs look just right while a mysterious man looks on with a poker face, reported allkpop.

A staff member commented, "Around the same time last year, Son Dam Bi featured as a host and acted out the skit, 'Extreme Jobs', and this is a new version... Kahi will appear as a fussy celebrity who bosses around her manager and show her feisty, comedic acting."

"[Kahi] will also take on 'SNL Korea's self-diss, so you should look forward to it. The guy who plays the role of the manager is actually one of the writers of 'SNL Korea'."

Earlier, Kahi revealed her physical measurements on a radio show, where she was a guest.

Giving a response to the DJ asking about her 'pretty body figure', she said that she stands at 1.68m tall and weighs 49kg.

Despite being in a healthy zone with regard to her weight, Kahi actually pigs out by eating seven meals a day, though she limited her food intake -- she eats just a banana in the morning and refrain from eating after six in the evening -- a month before her comeback.

Check out the gallery below for other celebs who have fab bodies.

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