K-pop veteran Cho Yong Pil disappointed with Lee Seung Gi's cover of his song

5 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Legendary pop artist Cho Yong Pil recently said he found disappointing sections in Lee Seung Gi's remake of his song.

He had made the comment In a special interview broadcast with Lee Seung Gi.

"Remakes are fine," he said. "Because it brings out a different color of a song. Obviously, my opinion and their opinion on music will be different."

"However, sometimes when I listen, I might think, 'this part should've been done differently,'" he continued.

Critiquing Lee Seung Gi's own remake of his "Let's Go On A Vacation", he said, "I thought that there were a few stylistic changes that could have been done. Take out the vibration, and shorten the tempo a little. There were a few disappointing sections."

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