K-pop stars show off their flexible bodies in challenge against 'girl with back of steel'

18 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

They may have been up against a female contortionist with a backbone dubbed 'the back of steel', but miss A's Min and Fei showed they were no pushovers themselves when it comes to possessing a flexible body.

The duo, who appeared on a recent episode of a variety show alongside Hyeri from Girl's Day, were introduced to In Ssu Ri, who left viewers in awe with her ability to bend her back 180 degrees behind, reported allkpop.

Fei, who is from China herself, was not all fazed, and said: "In China, there are a lot of flexible people. There are a lot of people like her in dance schools. But the stunt in which she flipped her back and drank water, you really need a lot of back strength for that."

Hyeri started the bend-off, as she attempted to follow Ssu Ri by lifting one leg up to her neck while firing an arrow off a bow at the same time. Although she ahd the help of fellow member Sojin, Hyeri failed in her task.

Fei was the next to go, and she also tried flipping her back to drink a glass of juice.

Min had a bit more success as she managed to do a full split while keeping a bottle on her head from falling off.

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