K-pop Star Hunt 3 finalist who's not proud to be local: ' I want to turn S'poreans into nicer people'

23 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Miss Stephanie Koh became an overnight online sensation with her Why I Am Not Proud To Be Singaporean video.

But the 21-year-old, who was one of the top four finalists for Korean reality show K-pop Star Hunt 3, kept mum as the controversial video garnered about 813,000 views, 23,900 likes and 8,000 comments as of 9pm on Monday (Jan 20)., reports The New Paper. 

Over the weekend, she responded to The New Paper's e-mail queries about the video.

Q: You posted the Why I Am Not Proud To Be Singaporean video, which went viral. How long did you take to make it?

I spent three hours the previous night writing out my points and examples, woke up the next morning and did the video in one shot for 25 minutes.

I then spent about three hours editing it.

Q: Why do you think it went viral? Did you expect that kind of response?

I did expect it to go viral because your paper made me sound like such a bad person and put me on headline news (referring to the flak she received for telling local media that she was not proud to be a Singaporean after the finale of K-pop Star Hunt 3 on Jan 12).

Everyone would want to know why I'm not proud to be a Singaporean and take the chance to hate on me. But it ended up positive and justified all I said.

Now I'm taking this chance to spark a social revolution and I'm going to start telling people how they can start being happier and nicer.

As for the response, I did not expect it. I expected more hate than support, but I managed to turn things around so I guess that's pretty awesome.

Q: Were you worried about any kind of negative response to your video, if any?

I wasn't worried. I expected it.

Miss Koh ended the e-mail interview by calling the paper "government-controlled" and asked for the media to "stop slamming her".

She said: "I'm getting so tired of this 'Steph Micayle saga'. All I want to do now is have peace and turn Singaporeans into happier and nicer people with my new videos." 

Read the full report in The New Paper. 

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