K-pop girl group reveal their 'paper cup diet'

4 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

On the upcoming episode of SBS E’s “Star Beauty Show,‘ girl group Nine Muses will appear to reveal the secret to the girl group's gorgeous bodies.The diet plan they follow is called “Paper Cup Diet,‘ which involves eating three paper cups of rice, side dishes, and vegetable or fruit.During filming, Nine Muses’ members show how the plan works. They state that although they usually eat low-sodium and low-fat meals, the members state that this plan also works when eating out.The idea is that by using a cup, a person realizes exactly how much of food is being consumed, which prevents overeating.Also, a diet is not restricted to only certain items in the menu, which therefore reduces the amount of stress that often follows a “one dish diet.‘View the gallery for photos of K-pop stars who are said to have the hottest bodies.

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