Justin Lee scandal helped boost Maggie Wu's career

12 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Since Taiwanese actress Maggie Wu was exposed in the Justin Lee sex scandal, she has become a household name across Asia.

With the airing of her drama, Heaven Show, Maggie once again became the centre of attention and fans praised Maggie’s acting, reports Popular Asians.

Many people who sided with Maggie in the Justin Lee scandal protested that she was a victim who deserved sympathy.

Fans requested that the public should not attack her for the incident. They believe Maggie is a low-key and hard-working artist from a simple family, who reportedly has to support twelve family members through her income.

Additionally, Maggie’s performance in Heaven Show revealed her ability to work hard, so she should be given a break. On the other hand, there are still people who leer at how she realized her Cinderella dream in Heaven Show.

Although in real life Maggie was involved in an embarrassing sex scandal, her acting career is blossoming.

After the airing of Heaven Show, her popularity increased, and hopefully it will erase most, if not all of the negativity generated from the Justin Lee scandal.

Maggie’s manager stated that Maggie continued to receive offers to act in dramas, commercials and promotional events.

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