Jolin to perform 'spinning' pole dance against doctor's advice

14 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Back in 2012, Jolin Tsai was forced to cancel a pole-dance performance at her concert in Taipei after she fell headfirst from one metre during a rehearsal for her pole-dance act.Despite being told by doctors to refrain from strenuous exercises as she had suffered injuries from that fall, Jolin is determined to mount the pole once more, and will complete one such dance at her upcoming concert in Kaohsiung on Apr 13.According to an Apple Daily report, Jolin will perform a ‘˜spinning pole-dance’ on a four metre-high steel pole.In light of her desire to carry on with the act, her record company has reportedly taken a NT$100 million insurance coverage for her risky performance!Jolin recently released a music video for Beast, the latest single off her MUSE album.A promotional picture of the video shows her covered in red paint over her entire body.Jolin joked that she looked like a superwoman from the cartoon, The Incredibles. In the MV, Jolin will also need to soak in a pile of sand.Sharing her experiences in a ‘˜sand spa’, Jolin said, “It is like doing a exfoliating scrub for my body!‘

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