Joey Wang tries to prove via pics that her looks have not faded

28 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Have Joey Wang's looks really faded? Fans of the 80's movie goddess have been debating how the years have changed her looks.

The retired for years goddess of a generation had spent a few days on holiday in Hong Kong and left amid a flurry of media activity, according to a report by HKTopTen.

Earlier she was caught on camera and for days her fans posted photos online to prove from multiple angles that her beauty has not "faded".

Yesterday, Joey Wang posted many photos that were taken at the airport.

Her friend wrote, "To all Yin fans, your support for Joey Joey already knows about. She has already received it." She said that Joey Wang has returned to Canada to continue her life.

Seemingly her comeback rumors have been dispelled.

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