Joanne Peh and Qi Yu Wu have so much chemistry that they never fight

16 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Good chemistry is why actress Joanne Peh decided to take on her first beauty endorsement after 11 years in showbiz.

As newly-appointed ambassador for Bella Skincare Specialist, you would think the 30-year-old would give a politically-correct answer. But Peh was honest about her need to look good, reports Diva Asia.

"Let's be realistic okay, I mean, physical appearance does matter...everyone wants to look good. Of course everyone has their own standard (of) what is good, but all of us want to look pretty, want to look beautiful, want to look handsome. If you say how you look on the outside doesn't matter, I don't agree with that."

"That is the first step to giving you confidence of how you feel inside, and if you feel good about yourself inside, then all the inner qualities can come through, and you can focus on other areas in your life that you want to become better at," explains Peh.

Good chemistry is what it seems she has with her boyfriend of seven months, actor Qi Yuwu.

Joanne told RazorTV they had never had a fight, and revealed the sweet things that they do for each other, which includes cooking birds' nest -- a regular thing they do for each other.

"He's a flowers kind of guy as well, so that is quite sweet. Even being able to spend time with each other in the day is the sweetest thing because we really don't have the time. Sometimes to me, even being able to watch a movie is really sweet, because we don't have that luxury."

So are wedding bells ringing soon for the couple?

"Well I'll love to share that good news when it happens," Peh demurs.

The actress is looking forward to getting closer with boyfriend Qi Yuwu on their next TV project, where they will play reel-life lovers as well.

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