JJ Lin blushes when he hears Hebe's name

13 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

JJ Lin has said numerous times that he admires Hebe Tien, and fans are rooting for them to be an item. However, the Singaporean singer is still be shy about pursuing his goddess.JJ will be holding his concert, Timeline  at the Tapei Arena from 13-14 July 2013. His guest performers are not confirmed yet and he hopes to give the audience a surprise, reports Source: Ettoday When asked if he would invite Hebe to perform at his concert, JJ blushes and giggled, “She should be busy preparing her concert too. However, if there is a chance, I hope to work with her as well.‘JJ also said that he had been hitting the gyms often to keep a healthy lifestyle. Asked if he would show off his toned body during the concert, JJ replied, “I never thought of exposing my body during the concert, but if it is accidentally exposed, it still has to look nice.‘

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