JJ Jia may give up acting to wed Louis Fan

14 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

JJ Jia may give up her career for love, as she is considering marrying Louis Fan, reports Ming Pao.Rumours about JJ’s career and personal life circled non-stop since the discovery of her relationship with boyfriend Louis Fan. Her “home wrecker‘ image almost cost her career and reportedly forced management company boss Nat Chan to not renew her contract.Recently JJ was found negotiating for jobs personally, which may have further offended Nat. Although her current contract is ending at the end of the month, JJ’s next move remains uncertain.Nat mentioned that JJ had discussed her dilemma with him over Chinese New Year. He advised JJ that the most important thing is to have a clear focus and to give it all her efforts, whether she ultimately chooses career or love.Nat is happy for her if JJ does choose marriage. ‘I don’t have any daughters. If she gets married it’ll be like marrying off a daughter.‘

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