Jerry Yan's face turns red after movie director exposes his naughty secret

8 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Jerry Yan attended the premiere of his Japanese film, Lupin III in Tokyo a few days ago.

Dressed in an all-black suit, the handsome Jerry immediately attracted screams from the audience when he appeared on stage, reports Asian Pop News.

Based on the Japanese manga by Monkey Punch, Jerry plays the role of Michael Lee, an arch enemy of Arsène Lupin III, played by Shun Oguri. Besides speaking Mandarin, Jerry will also speak English and Japanese in the film.

Speaking on his challenges on the set, Jerry said, “This is my first time playing such a character. I only realised the action scenes were difficult after filming. The other challenging task should be my English, as my English is not that good.”

Jerry revealed the warm hospitality from Japanese actor, Shun Oguri when he was filming in Japan. Although he just arrived in Japan, Shun invited Jerry to his house for a dinner.

“We were not that close initially, and I couldn’t understand why he could treat people so nice. He even gave me a toy similar to Lego,” said Jerry

Jerry also gave his thumbs up to Shun’s wife, Yu Yamada’s curry rice. ”It was so delicious that I was speechless!”

Jerry admired Shun for being able to balance his career and marriage well, and suddenly had the thoughts to form a family too.

During the premiere, Lupin III director, Ryuhei Kitamura also let out a little secret of Jerry.

“He has been asking me so many times to introduce him to pretty Japanese girls. It’s a pity that we have very few actresses in the film. I can’t help him on that.”

Jerry’s face turned red quickly and gave the director a nudge.

Jerry will return to Taiwan after finishing his publicity in Japan. He will then travel to China to discuss on his coming projects.

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