Jealous? See what Jackie Chan gave his K-pop boy group members

19 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Upcoming boy group JJCC released a video showing the boys on Jackie Chan's private jet (an Embraer Legacy 650) holding Hong Kong currency.

The money was a generous allowance given to them by Jackie Chan, reports All Kpop.

Their agency, The Jackie Chan Korea, said, "The video of Jackie Chan's private plane was taken during JJCC's training days when they accompanied him to his overseas promotions.

"The Hong Kong currency that appeared in it was given to the members as spending money by Jackie Chan.

"Jackie Chan always takes care of JJCC and the members trust in and follow Jackie Chan like they would a father."

The Hong Kong money the boys are holding add up to about 1,400,000 won (US$1,300).

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