Jealous netizens accuse local actress Constance Song of doctoring photos with Beckham

26 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Jealous netizens have accused her of doctoring her pictures. Even her friends call her in mock anger, demanding "answers".

All this is the result of her photos with one man - David Beckham.

Two weeks ago, local actress Constance Song was the subject of envy once again when she posted a photo with the retired football star on Instagram.

The former Manchester United midfielder was in town for a football clinic that benefits groups including SportsCare Singapore, Special Olympics, Deaf Sports Association (Singapore) and Bedok Youth Society for the Disabled.

Song, 39, had been invited to the event, which was a lead-up to Sands for Singapore Festival, a local fundraiser.

This is in fact the fourth time they've met, Song said.

She joked: "People are just so jealous of me, they ask if my pictures are fake. Some of my friends phone me and say they are so angry, they don't want to speak to me any more and that next time I meet David, I better call them.

Calling Beckham a "very nice person", she said the 39-year-old is "extremely humble and has no airs at all". He recognises me now because we've met quite a few times and that's nice."

Her celebrity brushes began in 2006, when she travelled to Germany with friends to watch the World Cup finals.

During a stop-over in London, the group ate at (Japanese-South American fusion restaurant) Nobu.

Song said: "I spotted a man I didn't recognise at first and I remember going 'Wah, so handsome!'. Then the woman beside him turned around and I realised it was his wife Victoria Beckham.

Wanted her camera

Two months later, she was having dinner with friends when she ran into him in a Japanese restaurant during the Singapore Grand Prix.

Most recently, at their fourth meeting two weeks ago, he was so taken by her Wi-Fi enabled camera he wanted one immediately.

Said Song: "He was very impressed by my Sony camera which works on Wi-Fi and asked me 'Where did you get it?'. He immediately told his assistant to go buy it for him."

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