Jay Chou's new restaurant criticised: Bad service, expensive and unhygienic

21 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

With the success of his Rooftop 天台movie, Jay Chou launches a new food and beverage outlet, named Rooftop Restaurant together with Will Liu and Wang Shih-Chun last month.

The new restaurant is heavily publicised by Jay and the man himself also personally graced the opening ceremony. Rooftop Restaurant is said to have employed 16 chefs and one of the chefs was scouted from Taiwanese renowned restaurant, Din Tai Fung.

The restaurant also boasted that all the dishes are Jay’s favourites and were all tasted by him beforehand>. For the first three opening days, Jay even announced that he would visit the outlet twice a day. Jay’s good friends like JJ Lin also dropped by to lend their star support to him.

Despite the publicity, some customers have complained about the quality of hygiene and the bad attitude of its service staff, reports an article on Asianpopnews.

Taiwanese media reported that a plastic sheet was actually found in a vegetable dish. Another customer grumbled that the cutlery was dirty and a spoon had food residue on it.

Besides the hygiene issue, some customers also talked about the poor service of the waiters and that their food were served only an hour later. Others complained about the exorbitant prices of the food and a cup of milk actually cost NT$242!

Responding to the negative reviews, the restaurant manager expressed that they will improve on the service and will reflect to the chef about the food. The restaurant will also hold a internal meeting to review on the prices of its food.

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