Japanese singer Gackt allegedly abducted and raped hostess

16 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

39 year old Japanese musician, singer-songwriter, actor, and author Gackt, has been accused of sexual assault and rape. The alleged rape scandal was reported on May 13 in Japanese tabloid FLASH Magazine but allegedly occurred in September 2011. According to FLASH, Gackt and two friends went to a hostess bar. At 3.30am, Gackt's driver came to pick him up and he had asked the 27-year-old hostess to accompany him home. She refused and he forced her into his car and forced her to perform oral sex on the way.The woman accused Gackt of pulling her hair, and constantly beating her and bringing her home to continue his oral sex. Gackt later allegedly tied her hands behind her back and continued sexual assault until 9am in the morning.In response to the Flash Magazine article, Gackt made the following statement on his website:"With regards to the Gackt article published in weekly magazine FLASH on May 13: Let me explain. Against Kobunsha of "FLASH" sales agency, we are proceeding, including preparing to sue in defamation."Also, since we have to verify that the claim of the woman is not true, we are considering the proper course of legal action in this regard."I apologize for the worry to everyone, please be understanding and continue your support, thank you."

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