Japanese model looks shockingly like Dobby after plastic surgery

30 April 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

There has been a lot of talk online in Japan recently about Rina Nanase. Known as Rumi Kanda in her adult video days, the young model has been surprisingly open about turning to plastic surgery to change the shape of her face.

In a process that she began chronicling via Twitter late last year, Nanase has made a number of changes to her eyes, nose, and chin, reports Rocketnews24.

Now that she has shared photos of her “finished” look, however, many are calling it “way too much,” with some even suggesting that she now resembles the character Dobby from the Harry Potter movies.

First is a picture of Nanase taken when she was just 17. As cute and healthy as she looks here, Nanase describes this young woman as a “different person” and criticizes her “fat” nose and “beady eyes.”

The model then shared another photo, looking back at what she considers her “idol era prime.” (Photos 2 and 3)

The photos were shared as she was undergoing a nose lengthening procedure that resulted in the following image. Nanase says that she didn’t feel it was a particularly big change, but was surprised at the reaction she got from other people.

The following month, she had her eyes done during a week of downtime. But when she awoke from the procedure she was shocked at what she saw, calling the result a “failure” and a “grotesque disaster.” It appears the bags under her eyes had swollen to an extreme size (Photos 5 - 7).

Even by December of last year, she still had large lumps beneath her eyes. She wrote that she was feeling too self-conscious to even take a walk outside, but endured until the new year when she had them corrected.

It was a picture that she tweeted earlier this month that has garnered so much attention online, however (Photo 13).

To be fair, Nanase had been complaining of severe nausea earlier this month that resulted in weight loss. During this time she had posted several other photos of herself looking slightly healthier, but still with a noticeably sharper chin than she had before.

Netizens in Japan had a lot to say about Nanase’s new look, but as you might expect very little of it was positive.

“Like an alien.” / “The person before the surgery was very nice…” / “Does she have an eating disorder?” / “There are a lot of adult video actresses with mental health issues.” / “She looked pretty good until last August…”

People clearly aren’t very welcoming to Rina Nanase’s recent changes, but nevertheless the model herself seems quite upbeat in her tweets and appears to be satisfied with the end results.

The gallery also shows other Singaporeans who have documented their plastic surgery process.

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