Jang Na-ra's trademark smile hides 15 years of mental breakdowns and eating disorders

16 October 2014 / 2 years 1 week ago

The Korea Herald/Asia News Network 
Tuesday, Oct 14, 2014

Hallyu star Jang Na-ra has suffered from serious mental breakdowns over her 15-year career, the singer-actress confessed on a television talk show.

Jang said on SBS' "Healing Camp," which aired on Monday night, that she has suffered from panic disorders, bulimia and acrophobia since debuting in 2001, decrying her trademark smiley face and joviality.

Her popularity did not exempt her from the immense pressure that a celebrity had to undergo, she added.

She said, "I went through serious bulimia. Then I got so anxious that I could not take flights for a while. When I boarded a plane, I would scream and cry out of fear."

In 2003, Jang debuted in China, where she shot to popularity and earned the nickname "xiao tianhou (little empress)."

But the actress came down with irritable bowel syndrome, suffering from stomach pains and swelling due to stress. Jang also mentioned some of the most excruciating memories and unwarranted rumours that she emotionally underwent as a celebrity.

Jang Na-ra
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