Jam Hsiao hits back at fan who claimed to have one night stand with him

8 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Last year, Jam Hsiao received numerous threats. He was first nearly attacked by faeces, and subsequently, he received terrifying package that consisted of mealworms and joss papers.

According to Ettoday via Asian Pop News, suspicions were directed at his Japanese fan, Yuki who was reported to be harassing Jam constantly.

Yuki had earlier bought an unit in the same building which Jam is living. She later turned up at his doorstep with a pot of soup and her behaviour was slammed by Jam on his micro-blog.

Yesterday, Yuki’s father held a press conference to help clear her name and hoped to put an end to the accusations on her.

Just two months ago, Yuki hinted on her Weibo that she had a one night stand with Jam. Jam’s manager, Summer subsequently sued the rich heiress for NT$100 million compensation for ruining Jam’s reputation.

With that, Jam said, “I hope Ms Yuki will not say something that is untrue, and something which will never happen. If she does it again, we will eventually have to take the legal action.

"My relationship with her is at most like a performer and an audience, and nothing else! If you stop, I will stop. If you apologise, I will not pursue as well.”

Speaking about his over zealous fan, Jam said, “She is very rich and has a strong family background. She can do many things. When I don’t respond, it doesn’t mean that I am scared.

"She is different from us. I don’t want the public to think that I am bullying people who are different from us, just because I appear to be at an advantageous position.

“She has a good father and her life is well taken care of. Why don’t she just enjoy her life? I hope she can quickly find the focus in her life.”

Jam also urged Yuki’s father to show more concern on her and brought her back to Japan.

Meanwhile, Yuki said that she would not return to Japan with her father. She said, “I want my innocence back. I will not return wrongfully.”

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