Jade Seah tells you how to look good -- in a trash bag

20 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Jade Seah has issued a challenge to fashion blogger Willabelle Ong -- how to look good even in a trash bag.

This fun segment shows both women exercising their creativity and fashion instincts to create impressive works of art with your everyday black trash bag.

Seah wrote:

"Ahhh fashion bloggers. On their blogs and on their Instagram feeds, they look good in every picture; always stylish and put-together in their outfits.

"What happens though when you challenge a fashion blogger to style an outfit on the fly, with a mystery item?

"Is it all just her designer items that look good or can she work a trash bag? Find out in this fun challenge!

"ChicPeek is an online series featuring my personal fashion tips, tutorials, DIYs, and fashionista friends.

"In this episode, I hang out with fashion blogger, Willabelle Ong of Pale Division and challenge her to style an outfit with a garbage bag as the main focal point."

Watch the video below to see their final products:

Jade Seah
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