Jacqueline Chong was molested when she was starting out

21 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Jacqueline Chong Si Man recently revealed that she was molested when starting out as an aspiring actress, during a press conference for Patrick Kong's Dai Yut Chi But Si Nei (The First Time Was Not You).According to a report in On.cc, Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) held a press conference for Dai Yut Chi But Si Nei (The First Time Was Not You) yesterday (Mar 20). Leads Angel Chiang Ka Man, Edward Ma Chi Wai, actors Jacqueline Chong Si Man, Sheung Tin Ngor, Bob and others attended. The actors also celebrated Yip Lim Sum's belated birthday. Speaking of a pseudo model's claim that she was raped and thus committed suicide earlier, Chong Si Man said that the story had too many different versions so she had no comment. She only wished the victim would rest in peace. She felt the case is a reminder to women, regardless of profession, to be extra careful when they meet a strange man alone. When asked if someone had gotten touchy-feely with her when she started in the business, she replied, "There was, and he said that he was gay. I said even so it's still not ok." In addition, TVB starlet Angel Chiang Ka Man made her big screen debut with new comer Edward Ma Chi Wai who looked like Ko Chen-Tung. Ka Man admitted that she was very nervous, because her character was a "high quality call girl" she had many bed and kiss scenes. "The film was a little extreme. It had bed scenes but the story required it!" Who was the best kisser? Ma Chi Wai interrupted, "Of course me!"

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