Jacky Cheung offers rare glimpse into his family life

28 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Well-known as a family man, Jacky Cheung worked hard to protect his wife and two daughters from the media spotlight. Popular Asians reported that Jacky provided a rare glimpse into his family life at a nowTV variety show taping on March 20, when he shared his experiences as a father of a teenage daughter.Fifty-one-year-old Jacky and wife, retired actress May Lo, are parents to twelve-year-old Zoe and eight-year-old Zia. Jacky finds parenting a stressful responsibility, and is afraid of teaching his daughters the wrong ideas. Over the years, Jacky had gradually changed his parenting style, adopting a friendlier approach now that his daughters are becoming older.Jacky lamented that his eldest daughter, Zoe, is entering her teenage years and is becoming rather rebellious. Jacky and May are sharing the task of discussing life topics with the girls, including dating and sex education. As the father, Jacky is responsible for discussing the men’s point of view while May provided the female perspective.Jacky was asked if he is worried about Zoe dating. He said it is inevitable and that he would feel less concerned if he can meet her future boyfriend face-to-face. Jacky is terrified that Zoe will experience heartbreak so he will teach her how to protect herself. “I’m most worried about her being hurt, but it probably will happen. It’s karma [on my part]“. When asked if that meant he had hurt many women in the past, Jacky laughed and said that there will be bad karma even if he had only broken one person’s heart.When discussing his upcoming film, A Complicated Story, Jacky was asked if he would consider trying for a son using artificial insemination, similar to his character in the movie. Jacky laughed and said that he has no plans for more children. “I never thought about the possibility of having a child artificially. I don’t want any more children. People should do different things at different stages of their lives, and not focus only on having kids.‘

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