Jackie Chan will donate ancient buildings to S'pore uni despite criticism

15 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Kung fu star Jackie Chan reaffirmed that he will donate four old buildings to a Singaporean university, and he also planned to donate other property of historic value to Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.People Daily reported that Chan confirmed over an interview with China Central Television over the weekend that he will honour the pledge he initially made in early April.Then, he said that he would donate four properties to the Singapore University of Technology and Design. Chan bought 10 old houses about 20 years ago for his parents from Anhui province. But the houses fell into disrepair and had termites after his parents died some 10 years ago, he said in his micro blog.Chan said he also planned to donate some other ancient houses to Shanghai, Hong Kong and Beijing governments.The local governments in Anhui and Zhejiang provinces also asked Chan to donate his houses, but he refused for fear that the government will focus on real estate development rather than their protection.

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